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Assistantships & Fellowships

The Department of English offers assistantships and fellowships for master’s and doctoral students so you can pay for your graduate education while earning valuable experience on campus.

Doctoral Fellowships

UL Lafayette university PhD fellowships are administered through the Graduate School in cooperation with the Department of English. These academic year (fall and spring semesters) fellowships include a stipend of $19,080 and waiver of tuition and most fees.

Most, if not all, fellowship positions are “non-service,” so you are not required to work an on-campus job in order to earn your stipend (and in many cases, you are not allowed to hold outside employment). This means you are able to give all of your attention to your academic work, focusing solely on researching and writing in your area of study.

Master's Fellowships

The UL Lafayette university Master's fellowship stipends have a minimum value of $11,660 with a waiver of tuition and most fees. You are not allowed to work an additional job while receiving the fellowship stipend.

There are fewer master’s fellowships available, so they are more competitive.


Assistantships are part-time, on-campus jobs available for graduate students willing to work 20 hours a week in exchange for funding. At UL Lafayette, assistantships typically include a monthly living stipend and a waiver of tuition and most fees. We offer teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and administrative graduate assistantships in departments and offices across campus.

Most of our graduate assistants in the Department of English serve as graduate teaching assistants. Our doctoral-level assistantships come with a minimum stipend of $15,900 and a waiver of tuition and most fees. At the master’s level, our assistantships offer a minimum stipend of $10,070 and waiver of tuition and most fees.

Requirements & Applications

For more information about assistantships and fellowships, contact the Graduate Coordinator in English at and also visit the Graduate School website.