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Creative Writing

The concentration in creative writing allows English majors to focus on developing their own creative voice and work. As they do this, they will develop an appreciation of the ways in which producing literary writing relates to literary scholarship in general. Students can explore a range of forms from fiction to screen-writing to creative nonfiction, or they can choose to concentrate on one form in particular, perhaps poetry or drama. Either way, students in the creative writing concentration will encounter a range of writing styles, while exploring both expressive and innovative uses of language. In company with other writers and artists and faculty mentors, creative writing concentrators will take the groundwork of the English major and create their own new work.

Whether you want to try traditional forms, avant garde language experiments, or compose your own fantasy novel adventure, the creative writing concentration will provide you the skills and mentoring to make your inspirations come to life on the page. Last but not least, the undergraduate creative writing club, Writers Bloc, is an important part of our program, designed with undergraduate writers in mind. The club offers workshops, readings, social gatherings, and more, affording creative writing students a community of writing peers with whom to continue developing their writing.