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Gen Ed

The English Department offers general education courses for first- and second-year students. Freshman courses focus on writing, argumentation, and research skills, while sophomore courses focus on literature of all kinds. We also offer upper division business writing, professional writing, vocabulary development, and grammar courses required or recommended by many other colleges.

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Click here for a PDF of General Education courses offered by English in Spring 2022.

Each semester the English Department offers literature classes designed by professors to meet the University's General Education Literature requirement. The historical surveys of British and American literature are always popular, but we also offer literature courses that focus on a particular theme, topic, or genre, and allow students to discover the joys and challenges of literary writing while also focusing on a topic in greater depth than the traditional historical survey affords.

​​The following courses have been approved for the Gen. Ed. Literature requirement. If you have a question about whether a course meets the general education literature requirement, please email the English department at

General Education Literature Courses:
  • ENGL 201 British Literature from the Medieval Period to 1800
  • ENGL 202 British Literature from 1800 to the Present
  • ENGL 205 American Literature to 1865
  • ENGL 206 American Literature since 1865
  • ENGL 210 Literary Genres
  • ENGL 211 Thematic Approaches to Literature
  • ENGL 212 Literature and Other Media
  • ENGL 215 Honors British Literature
  • ENGL 216 Honors American Literature
  • ENGL 290 Introduction to Literary Studies
  • ENGL 312 Shakespeare
  • ENGL 319 Modern Poetry
  • ENGL 320 Modern Fiction
  • ENGL 321 Survey of World Literature I
  • ENGL 322 Survey of World Literature II
  • ENGL 332 Introduction to Folklore
  • ENGL 333 Louisiana Literature
  • ENGL 335 Louisiana Folklore
  • ENGL 341 History of Drama
  • ENGL 342 Modern Drama
  • ENGL 350 Young Adult Literature and Media
  • ENGL 370 Special Topics in Literary and/or Media Art
  • ENGL 371 Introduction to Ethnic Literatures
  • ENGL 372 Special Topics in Literature of Popular Culture
  • ENGL 380 Readings in Literature By Women
  • ENGL 381 The Scripture As Literature