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International Students

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Opportunities in a Generalist Program

Bienvenue à Lafayette, Louisiana! We're so excited that you're interested in coming all the way here to study English with us! Our department serves students from around the country and world, studying a variety of areas in our generalist program. Through diverse coursework, departmental committees, faculty mentorship, and campus and community resources, our students are able to grow their fields of interests into marketable careers.

Below, are just a few reasons our international students thrive in our program:

  • Seminar-style classes with supportive faculty
  • Unique coursework, such as “Experimental Fiction in 18th Century,” “Folklore and Murder,” “Beyond Webpages: Moving to Content Management Systems Development,” “The Child Figure in 19th C British Literature,” “Studies in Twentieth Century American Literature: Obscene Modernism,” “Studies in Ethnic Literature: Stories from Turtle Island,” and many more!
  • Competitive fellowship and financial aid packages
  • High job-placement rates
  • Flexibility in PhD comprehensive exams: portfolio major exams, proposing an "open topic" exam, and the opportunity for coursework in lieu of one minor exam
  • Diverse teaching opportunities, such as “Introduction to College Writing,” “Introduction to Creative Writing,” “Introduction to Folklore,” graduate student-designed Sophomore Literature courses, various literature surveys, and online courses

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