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Graduate Programs

Our graduate program offers M.A. and Ph.D. students fully integrated training to become academic researchers, experienced teachers, and professionals qualified for a wide range of careers. Our program is unique in its disciplinary diversity. With several major areas of concentration, the program encourages students to develop their specialized research interests while building a broad foundation of professional experience for careers in and beyond higher education. When you join our department, you can expect to work closely with faculty to design an individualized course of study, from first year seminars to degree completion.

Between 2010 and 2020, over one hundred of our Ph.D. graduates found employment in and beyond higher education. A majority of those graduates secured full-time academic employment. Others accepted administrative jobs in higher education, while still others found employment in museums, non-profits, and commercial industries. We are committed to training students for a wide variety of careers.

We offer graduate students:

  • Financial support
  • Teaching experience
  • Small seminars
  • A wide range of concentrations
  • Individualized comprehensive exams
  • An emphasis on professional development
  • Mentorship from expert faculty at every stage of your graduate work
Our M.A. program offers seven concentrations:
Our Ph.D. program offers five concentrations:
Drawing on faculty expertise across concentrations, students may pursue their intellectual interests with innovative courses of study.
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  • For more information about faculty research and areas of expertise, see a list of our faculty or see this list of faculty grouped by field.
  • For more information on teaching and administrative opportunities, read about our Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Fellowships.
  • For more information on opportunities to present your creative work, read about our Thursday Night Reading Series.
  • For more information on opportunities to gain editorial and publishing experience, read more about our literary arts magazine Rougarou.
  • For more information on opportunities to present your academic work and gain project management experience, read about our annual graduate-student organized Global Souths Conference.
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