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Doctoral Concentration in Creative Writing

Resources and Links

The English Department’s Thursday Night Reading Series (TNRS) features weekly readings of original poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, and experimental works from UL graduate students and faculty. Watch the video to see our graduate students share their work and visit the TNRS Facebook page to learn more.

Creative Writing at UL

The Creative Writing program at UL invites you to join our close, energetic community of faculty and students.

Generalist Program

Our Ph.D. in English is unique in that it is a generalist program. That means you as a student gain broad expertise in a variety of creative writing genres: fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction. It also means that you’ll strengthen your understanding of literature, and develop solid pedagogical practice by instructing undergraduate courses in literature and creative writing.

The generalist program ensures graduates who opt for academic positions are qualified to teach in several areas. Graduates concentrating in Creative Writing who opt for academic positions are qualified to teach in several areas of literature in addition to creative writing. Graduates who choose careers outside of the academy will have experience managing a classroom while teaching and designing their own courses.


Assistantships are available in the Ernest J. Gaines Center, the Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, and within the English Department. Teaching assistantships give you the chance to teach first-year writing, sophomore literature survey courses, a creative writing workshop, and a literature course of your own design.

You will be able to gain professional development experience through working on the University-supported in-house print journal The Southwestern Review, and our online literary journal Rougarou. Students also read at our Thursday Night Reading Series (TNRS), and often attend the annual Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference where our graduate creative writers host an annual off-site reading. Creative writers also have the opportunity to present their work at the Global Souths conference we put on each year through a creative plenary and creative panels.

In addition to our great faculty, and writers-in-residence, our creative writing program is enhanced by the Deep South Festival of Writers.

Apply to Write with Us

Thinking about enrolling for your Ph.D. after completing an MFA in creative writing? John Vanderslice, Associate Professor in the Film, Theatre, and Creative Writing Department at University of Central Arkansas, has written some advice for you based on his experience earning his Ph.D. at UL Lafayette. Here is a link to Dr. Vanderslice's article.

In addition to the PhD in English application requirements, the department requires a creative writing portfolio. You should submit a creative writing sample of 15-20 pages as part of their application directly to the graduate coordinator for incoming students, Dr. Elizabeth Bobo at PDFs are preferred.

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