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Southwestern Review

About the Southwestern Review

The Southwestern Review (SWR) is UL’s in-house print literary journal, featuring creative work from current UL students. The SWR is produced annually by the Creative Writing Program under the editorship of a faculty advisor and a team of graduate and undergraduate students.

Student Roles

Students who work on the journal gain valuable editing and publishing skills. Student editors learn to curate creative work, lay out pages for print, and collaborate with a team to complete a large project. They learn skills in leadership, public speaking, event planning, and project management. To learn more about student roles for the SWR, check out this interview with graduate student Brandon Buckner.


Submission guidelines are as follows:

  • Accepted genres include: fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, and art.
  • No simultaneous or previously published works.
  • Maximum of three submission entries.
  • Maximum of ten pages per submission.
  • Literary submissions should be Times new Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced, and .doc or .docx format.
  • Art submissions should be .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .pdf format.
  • Submission email should include name and submission genre.
  • Any current UL undergraduate or graduate student may submit work in any genre.

Submissions are open in the fall for spring publication.