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English Graduate Student Association (EGSA)

Resources and Links

Current graduate students in the English department who wish to be members of the EGSA should join the following:

About the EGSA

The EGSA is an association within the English Department whose members and officers are English graduate students. The main goals of the EGSA are:

  • To assist English graduate students in their pursuit of academic achievement
  • To enhance communication between English faculty and graduate students
  • To promote professional development for graduate students
  • To foster a community of camaraderie and professionalism both within the department and with the university as a whole

Opportunities for Members

As a member of the EGSA, you can apply for Professionalism and Service Grants, receive access to advocacy initiatives from the M.A. or Ph.D. Liaison, volunteer to serve on committees like the Community and Fellowship committee, and run for an officer position within the EGSA. 

Officers and members of the EGSA gain valuable volunteer experience in a professional organization. Meetings are modeled after graduate faculty meetings and are a great way to connect with your fellow graduate students. Officer positions, while volunteer, offer excellent leadership experience and allow you to work closely with graduate coordinators and other faculty.

Any current member of the EGSA can apply for a Professionalism and Service Grant during specified times. This money is meant to support you on your way to becoming a professional and can help with costs such as (but not limited to) submission fees, conference fees, costs related to interviewing, and graduation. For more information, send an email to