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Placement Information

Students who have graduated UL Lafayette with a Ph.D. have found a range of employments. Below is a chart for all graduates over the last the last five years. We also have available an Excel file with the employment information for every graduate of the Ph.D. program in English since Andrew Hirt earned the program's first doctorate in 1972.

Name Year Initial position Current position Concentration
Cathy Carter 2009 elected local non-academic employment    
Michael Jauchen 2009 Colby-Sawyer (NH) (Asst. Prof.)   CW
Liberty Kohn 2009 Winona State University (Asst. Prof.)   Rhetoric
Michael Walonen 2009 U. Alabama post-doc Bethune-Cookman University (Asst. Prof.) Brit Lit
Kate Lane 2009 Northwestern Oklahoma U. (Asst. Prof.)   Brit Lit
Meagan Cass 2010 adjunct, Pasadena CC 1 yr. U. Illinois-Springfield (Asst. Prof.) CW
Sarah Little 2010 Instructor, Baton Rouge CC   CW
Justin Thurman 2010 LaGrange College (GA) (Asst. Prof.)   Rhetoric
Wendi Wilkerson 2010 Private Consulting   Folklore
Marshall Barth 2011 Adjuncting in Tennessee   Rhetoric
Thomas Reynolds 2011 Northwestern State University (LA) (Asst. Prof.)   Rhetoric
Brendon Vayo 2011 Instructor, Concord University (WV)   CW
Josh Caffrey 2011 Episcopal School of Acadiana AFS Fellowship, Library of Congress (2013-14) Folklore
Tina Mitchell 2011 UL adjunct   CW
Matthew Nickel 2011 instructor, SUNY-New Paltz Assistant Professor, Misericordia University, Dallas, PA Am Lit
Allison Pattison 2011 Alabama State (Montgomery) (Asst. Prof.)   CW
Wendy Whelan-Stewart 2011 McNeese State (LA) (Asst. Prof.)   Am Lit
Brandon Barker 2012 Senior Folklorist, Louisiana Boy Scouts Visiting Lecturer in Folklore, Indiana U. Folklore
Mike Berntsen 2012 Lecturer, UNC Pembroke   CW
Danielle Bray 2012 Instructor, U Georgia Permanent Instructor, U. Georgia, Athens Children's Lit
Geoffrey Elliott 2012 Instructor, TCI College of Tech. Visiting Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University Medieval
Allen Jones 2012 Visiting Asst. Prof, U. Puget Sound   CW
Katherine Manning 2012 Azusa Pacific (CA) (Asst. Prof.)   CW
Cassandra Peay 2012 Instructor, Tennessee Tech U. Asst. Prof., Piedmont College, GA American Literature and Comp/Rhetoric
Ki Elise Russell 2012 Blue Mountain CC (Asst. Prof.)   CW
Bryan Hinojosa 2012 UL adjunct   CW
Ric Jahna 2012 Arizona Western (Asst. Prof.)   CW
Bridget Whelan 2012 Instructor, McNeese State University (La) Instructor, Sowela Technical Community College British Literature
Anderson, Amanda 2013 Instructor, Washington State Community College (Ohio)   literature
Arnold, Wayne 2013 Assistant Professor of TEFL at Kansai Gaidai University, Japan   literature, TESOL
Lee, Chun 2013 Instructor, Brazosport College (Lake Jackson, TX)   CW
Roth, Forrest 2013 Adjunct Instructor, D'Youville College, Buffalo NY   CW
Williams, Daniel 2013 Visiting Assistant Professor, Geneva College, Pennsylvania   CW