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Randy Gonzales

Associate Professor of English

M.A., University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 1994
Ph.D., The University of Southern Mississippi, 2014

Office: Griffin 263
Phone: 337-482-5486

Teaching and Research Areas

Professional Writing, Document Design, Online Pedagogy, Multimodal Composition, Composing in Digital Environments, Asian American Studies, Filipino/Filipino American Studies, Digital Humanities


Randy Gonzales coordinates the department's Professional Writing program. His interest in professional writing started at a language institute in the United Arab Emirates, where he found that his communication skills and interest in technology made him valuable as a technical communicator able to explain to administrators the needs of the technical staff and design instruction for teachers looking to incorporate technology into their classrooms. Randy has designed documents and websites for small businesses, academic conferences, and non-profit organizations. He believes that a combination of creativity, adaptability, and a desire to learn are the foundations of a good professional writer. His professional writing courses prepare students to communicate in global and digital contexts that value clarity of expression and visual design. For more on Randy's approach to professional writing go to

Randy's scholarly and creative work crosses genre, media, and disciplines, and includes

  • scholarly articles on digital community formation, digital pedagogy, and Filipino American culture and literature,
  • research-based creative non-fiction on digital identities and Filipino American culture,
  • multimodal compositions on culture and identity,
  • digital humanities projects like Digital Piney Woods and Filipino Louisiana that combine interests in culture, community research, digital archives, and digital community formation.
  • poetry, including interactive digital poems and video poems.

You can find out more about Randy at his website.