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Rougarou Positions and Descriptions

Any English department graduate student is eligible to be part of Rougarou, as training is done in-house, and there are a variety of positions to professionalize oneself:

  • Editors and Managerial Staff:
    • Co-Editors-In-Chief are charged with finalizing each issue, overseeing Rougarou staff, writing grants, maintaining finances and journal-related accounts, creating conference and promotional materials, generating and maintaining relationships within the department and university, managing submissions via Submittable, and logistically sustaining the journal with an eye towards growth.
    • Managing Editor oversees the day-to-day logistics of the journal, maintaining its email, overseeing logistics for meetings, reaching-out to other journals/departments, and updating creative writing services such as Entropy and duotrope.
    • Copy Editors provide contributors and column writers with suggested revisions and edits to their pieces.
    • Webmaster maintains and updates the journal’s website, uploading and managing new issues, columns, and news.
  • Digital Outreach:
    • Social Media Managers curate and post content to Rougarou’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), aiming towards growth of the journal and increasing the rate and quality of submissions.
    • Newsletter Manager is charged with distilling Rougarou’s major accomplishments and upcoming events into a quarterly newsletter that distributes to subscribers and past submitters.
  • Genre Editors: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Visual Arts
    • Functioning in teams of two (an editor and assistant editor), genre editors are responsible for selecting works in their genre for publication. Genre editors also respond to submitters with suggestions for edits, playing a crucial role in defining and sustaining the aesthetic of the journal.
  • Readers: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Visual Arts
    • An integral role in the first-stage of the editing process, readers read all submissions in their respective genres and focus editors’ attentions to pieces that reflect the journal’s aesthetic.

Contact Us

For more information or questions about the journal and/or its positions, please contact:

Daniel Altenburg and Gina Warren

Dr. Sadie Hoagland
Assistant Professor and Departmental Advisor to Rougarou
Office: H.L. Griffin 252
Phone: 337-482-6911