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Joel Rhone

Assistant Professor of Literature

Photo of Joel Rhone

Ph.D., The University of Chicago
M.A., Howard University

Office: Griffin 252

Pronouns: he/him/his

Teaching and Research Areas

Post-45 African American Letters; Critical University Studies; Neoliberal Multiculturalism; Theater and Performance Studies; Black Postmodern Fiction


Joel’s work centers on African American letters after 1945. Primary research interests of his feature generative overlaps between literary production and the manufacture of racial knowledge in the academic disciplines. Joel is heavily interested in how theories of aesthetic autonomy come under scrutiny and revision in the work of figures such as James Baldwin, August Wilson, Toni Morrison, and Percival Everett. It’s among these writers that Joel sees modernist notions of autonomy pushed past the limits of late liberalism or the commodity form. He won the Marshall Scholarship in 2015, and his public-facing work has appeared in The Drift, The Point, and the Los Angeles Review of Books.