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Linguistics Requirements & Courses



Along with English department requirements, M.A. students with a concentration in Linguistics are required to take ENGL 506: Principles of Linguistics and at least two additional classes from the following list:

  • ENGL 405: History of the English Language
  • ENGL 413: Chaucer
  • ENGL 425: Semantics
  • ENGL 452: Language, Culture and Society
  • ENGL 455: Topics in Linguistics
  • ENGL 458: Investigating Text and Talk
  • ENGL 502: Old English Grammar and Readings
  • ENGL 503: Beowulf
  • ENGL 553: Seminar in Linguistics
  • ENGL 675: Special Topics in Literature and Communication


We offer graduate courses in General Linguistics, Applied Linguistics (TESOL), and English Linguistics.

General Linguistics

ENGL 425(G) - Semantics

Examines how meaning is expressed in language.

ENGL 452(G) - Language, Culture and Society

Dialect variations in languages due to race, social group, sex, region, etc., as well as the predominant attitudes associated with such variety and the social, economic, political and educational implications of these attitudes.

ENGL 455(G) - Topics in Linguistics

Content varies. May be repeated for credit twice.

ENGL 458(G) - Investigating Text and Talk

Application of linguistic principles to analysis of texts and verbal interaction.

ENGL 506 - Principles of Linguistics

In-depth introduction to the principles of linguistics, including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.

ENGL 553 - Seminar in Linguistics

Content varies. May be repeated for credit. Topics in language study.

English Linguistics

ENGL 402(G): Survey of Old English Literature

Major prose and poetic works in translation, from the beginning to 1100.

ENGL 405(G) - History of the English Language

Precursors of Old English to modern period.

ENGL 413(G) - Chaucer

Chaucer’s major works, especially The Canterbury Tales and Troilus and Criseyde, with some attention to reading in Middle English.

ENGL 502 - Old English Grammar and Readings

Stress on grammar with readings in prose and poetry, exclusive of Beowulf.

ENGL 503 - Beowulf

Translation and close critical analysis of the Old English epic with some attention to the historical and linguistic setting.

ENGL 513 - Studies in Chaucer

Works of Chaucer and relevant critical problems.

Applied Linguistics (TESOL)

ENGL 561 - Syntax, Morphology, and Semantics for ESOL Teachers

English syntax, morphology, and semantics which focuses on the challenges non-native speakers face when learning the language.

ENGL 562 - Applied Phonetics and Pronunciation Teaching

English phonetics and phonology which focuses on the challenges non-native speakers face when learning the language.

ENGL 563 - Second Language Acquisition in TESOL

Second language acquisition theories and practice with special reference to the teaching of English.

ENGL 564 - TESOL Practicum”


You may elect to write a thesis on a linguistics topic, directed by one of our linguistics faculty. Further information about the M.A. thesis is available in the Graduate Student Handbook.