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Masters Concentration in Linguistics Requirements

Along with English department requirements, M.A. students with a concentration in linguistics are required to take ENGL 506: Principles of Linguistics and at least two additional classes from the following list:

  • ENGL 405: History of the English Language
  • ENGL 413: Chaucer
  • ENGL 425: Semantics
  • ENGL 452: Language, Culture and Society
  • ENGL 455: Topics in Linguistics
  • ENGL 458: Investigating Text and Talk
  • ENGL 502: Old English Grammar and Readings
  • ENGL 503: Beowulf
  • ENGL 553: Seminar in Linguistics
  • ENGL 675: Special Topics in Literature and Communication

Students may elect to write a thesis on a linguistics topic, directed by one of the linguistics faculty. Further information about the M.A. thesis is available in the Graduate Student Handbook.