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Professional Writing Concentration Requirements & Courses


Required Courses

ENGL 472: Professional Writing (Online)
ENGL 473: Professional Editing (Online)
ENGL 474: Document Design (Online)
ENGL 462: Special Projects in Professional Writing (Online)
ENGL 463: Professional Writing Practicum (Online or Workplace Internship)
ENGL 596: Research Methods (Campus)


One course in Rhetoric.
One course in Linguistics.
Two courses in Rhetoric, Linguistics, Creative Writing, Literature, and/or Folklore.

Most graduate-level English courses do not have an online option. You will have to attend courses on campus to complete the M.A. in English with a concentration in Professional Writing.


M.A. students with a concentration in professional writing will complete a thesis project, a professional portfolio with a theoretical introduction. You will collect documents that you have completed throughout your course work and prepare them for inclusion in a professional portfolio. You will write an academic introduction to your portfolio based on readings in professional writing theory and workplace research.