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English Majors Complete Digital Projects for Senior Seminar

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New Faculty Spotlight: Geoffrey Marschall

We are pleased to welcome Geoffrey Marschall as Assistant Professor of Moving Image Arts. In the second semester of his professorship, Marschall instructs Introduction to Moving Image Arts—a course where students learn the essential foundations and language of filmmaking—as well as Digital Video Editing I and Digital Video Editing II.  In each course, Professor Marschall hopes to foster each of his student’s approach to storytelling and unique aesthetic.

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Instructing a Sophomore Literature Course

The English department offers graduate students the opportunity to teach and design their own courses—an experience

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Three graduating seniors in English recently completed digital projects for their senior capstone. Jasmine Broussard, Jada Doucet, and Erin Trahan designed and wrote these projects over the course of a single semester. The digital component allows each writer to address a public audience beyond the college classroom. As the culmination of their work in the Department of English, these projects draw on skills the authors developed in earlier classes while looking forward to the kinds of creative and professional work they will do after graduation. See below for brief project descriptions and links.

Jasmine Broussard wrote a collection of flash fiction stories that dramatize the ten personality disorders recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. See Jasmine's digital project.

Jada Doucet wrote a collection of persona poems based on interviews she conducted with twenty different people in her community, including friends, family, and classmates. See Jada's digital project.

Erin Trahan wrote a history of contemporary journalism to document how the profession has been represented in popular culture and how it has changed with new technologies, giving readers some sense of how we arrived at the age of “fake news.” See Erin's digital project.