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Literature Requirements

Required Courses

ENGL 290 Introduction to Literary Studies (3 cr.)
Two ENGL survey courses, to be taken either as a national sequence (201 & 202 or 205 & 206); an early-lit. sequence (201 & 205); or a modern lit. sequence (202 & 206).* (6)
ENGL 2XX/3XX ( Open elective at either soph. or junior level) (3)
Two ENGL 3XX/4XX (6 hrs. of junior or senior-level electives)
Two ENGL 4XX (6 hrs. of senior-level electives)
(Nine of these twelve hours must be in literature)
ENGL 423/424 Shakespeare, or pre-1800 ENGL 4XX approved by Asst. Dept. Head (3)
ENGL 459 Literary Theory and Practical Criticism (3)
ENGL 496 or other Major Figures (3)
ENGL 490 Senior Seminar (literary focus) (3)

(36 hours total in the major)

* Honors Students may take ENGL 215 & 216 instead of the surveys.

Other Requirements

Regardless of which concentration you declare, the program requires 120 hours of coursework with 36 hours in English (exclusive of first-year writing courses).

Two courses are required of all majors, regardless of concentration: ENGL 290 (Introduction to Literary Studies) and ENGL 490 (Senior Seminar).

In addition, all majors in the College of Liberal Arts must declare a minor field, in which 18 hours are required, six of them at the 300- or 400-level.