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Professional Writing Requirements

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Required Courses

  • UNIV 100 - First Year Seminar 3 Credit(s).
  • ENGL 101 - Introduction to Academic Writing 3 Credit(s). **
  • ENGL 102 - Writing and Research About Culture 3 Credit(s). **
  • MATH 102,103, or 105
    • MATH 102 - Quantitative Reasoning 3 Credit(s).
    • MATH 103 - Applied College Algebra Fundamentals 3 Credit(s)  
    • MATH 105 - Applied College Algebra 3 Credit(s).

** ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 do not count as hours toward the English major (See requirement #4 in Specific Degree Requirements of the College).

Other Requirements

Two courses are required of all majors, regardless of concentration: ENGL 290 (Introduction to Literary Studies) and ENGL 490 (Senior Seminar).

In addition, all majors in the College of Liberal Arts must declare a minor field, in which 18 hours are required, six of them at the 300- or 400-level.

English majors may elect not to specify a concentration if they prefer more leeway in their curriculum.

Program Mission

The professional writing program seeks to create an environment that encourages and supports the use and development of effective professional communication practices. We will create a professional writing community that transcends physical location, disciplinary boundaries, and professions, and will support this community by modeling and promoting our core beliefs:

  • Documents should be composed and designed to allow users to access content efficiently.
  • Collaboration fosters learning and self-reflection, and leads to creative solutions.
  • The changing workplace requires adaptable writers capable of applying their knowledge of writing, design, and technology to a variety of contexts.
  • Twenty-first century professionals must be prepared to collaborate virtually, communicate effectively across cultures, and create visual, textual, and aural media for publication on the Internet.