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Professional Writing Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing is an entirely online program that will provide you knowledge and experience composing in a wide range of professional and technical genres for a wide range of audiences in technical and professional writing (both print and online), as well as in document design, editing, and collaborating with others in creating texts for business, government, and technical purposes.

This 15-hour graduate certificate will qualify students for positions as professional or technical writers and provide the opportunity for professionals in business, government, and technical positions to greatly enhance their writing, editing, and document design abilities. The program is designed to be an additional credential or enhancement, not a substitute for a graduate degree. Upon completion of the five-course program you will earn a graduate certificate that will appear on your permanent transcripts.

Because courses in this program will only be available online, the program may not be available to all applicants. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and its online programs must be in compliance in every state where a student is located. (Visit the Online Programs website to learn more.) International students also may not be eligible. According to U.S. immigration regulations, F-1 students cannot pursue online degrees; international students in other visa categories (i.e., H-4, L2) are exempt from this restriction.

If you are an out-of-state student enrolling in an online program at UL Lafayette, you automatically receive the in-state tuition incentive. That means you pay the in-state tuition amount instead of the out-of-state costs.


For more information, contact Randy Gonzales