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Teaching English as a Second Language Graduate Certificate

The TESOL certificate program allows you to develop a strong knowledge base by completing the core requirements of the TESOL degree program. This is especially appropriate if you are a student in English who wishes to add to your range of subjects, a teacher in English or in another area who wishes to develop an appropriate credential for teaching overseas, or an experienced teacher who wishes to improve your craft.

Information about the application process or course requirements can be found in these pages or at the Graduate School site. If you have additional specific questions, contact

Dr. Claiborne Rice
TESOL Concentration
P.O. Box 44691
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA 70504-4691
phone: 337-482-1327


Mark Honegger, Ph.D.

Claiborne Rice, Ph.D.

Michele Feist, Ph.D.

Wilbur Bennett, M.A.