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Continuity Activities

Throughout the school year all AWP Teacher Consultants are invited to participate in monthly activities related to writing and its teaching. These occasions typically involve gatherings such as the following:

  • All project reunion meetings, called Coalition Meetings, are held each fall and spring to provide opportunities for Teacher Consultants to share academic experiences with each other. An outside presenter introduces new approaches to classroom pedagogy or shares his/her writing.
  • At the annual Spring Reception, the new Fellows are introduced to the AWP Teacher Consultants. (This event is primarily social in nature.)
  • The Fall Writing Retreat is open to all Teacher Consultants. Scheduled for a weekend at a camp in central Louisiana, the retreat provides the participants with reflective writing time facilitated by a professional writer.
  • The Festival of Writers, held every two years, is sponsored by all six Louisiana Writing Project sites. Like the Writing Retreat, it features a weekend-long series of workshops designed to improve teachers’ writing.
  • The AWP Teacher Consultant Council meets monthly to make policy and plans for the larger body of Teacher Consultants.
  • Writing Response groups are small gatherings of Teacher Consultants who choose to meet on a regular basis to share and critique their writing.
  • Reading groups are, similarly, small groups that meet regularly to discuss professional literature.