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What They Say About Us

 “They helped me understand more about how to write my paper and do research.”

 “My tutor was very insightful in MLA, and explained the material clearly.”

 “Awesome! My information is there; I just needed a strategy: complete sentences, place thesis first, and make sure I hit all topics.”

 “Great help with understanding the paper better.”

 “Very helpful and pleasant experience!”

 “The experience talking about the paper made me have a better idea on how to write it. Thesis for the work-in progress seemed like a great idea.”

 “I’ve been to the writing center many times, and I’ve never had a bad experience. It’s great to get another opinion on my writing. Keep up the good work!”

 “I really loved my experience because not only did I get help on my paper, but also more confidence as a writer.”

 “Very helpful and I am learning a lot.”

 “My tutor was incredibly helpful. He put my mind at ease and gave excellent advice on my project.”