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Jessica Alexander, Assistant Professor and Co-director of Creative Writing

Virgile Beddok, Associate Professor and Director of Moving Image Arts

Wilbur Bennett, Instructor

Rhonda Berkeley, Senior Instructor

Elizabeth Bobo, Associate Professor

Monica Busby, Master Instructor

Joshua Capps, Senior Instructor, Director of Acadiana Writing Project

Conni Castille, Senior Instructor

Julie Clement, Instructor

Taylor Clement, Assistant Professor

Michele I. Feist, Professor of Linguistics, LEQSF Regents Professor of Social Sciences

Jennifer Geer, Professor of English

Randy Gonzales, Dr. James Wilson/BORSF Eminent Scholar Endowed Professor in Southern Studies 

Jonathan Goodwin, Professor and Director of First-Year Writing

Lisa Graley, Associate Professor of English and Humanities

Mark Honegger, Professor of Linguistics and Department Head

Shelley Ingram, Associate Professor 

Sharon Jackson, Instructor

Michael Kightley, Associate Professor

John Laudun, Professor of Folklore

Sheri Lazare, Senior Instructor

Shelly M. Leroy, Master Instructor

Geoffrey Marschall, Assistant Professor

John McNally, Writer-in-Residence and Doris Meriwether / BORSF Professor of English 

Leah Orr, Joseph P. Montiel / BORSF Associate Professor of English and Co-director Graduate Studies

Clancy Ratliff, Friends of the Humanities/LEQSF Regents Professor

Joel Rhone, Assistant Professor

Claiborne Rice, Associate Professor

Charles E. Richard, Flora Levy / BORSF Professor of English and Coordinator of Levy Humanities Series

Michelle Ritter, Instructor

Henk Rossouw, Associate Professor and Co-director of Creative Writing

Laurel Ryan, Associate Professor

Maria Seger, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Studies Coordinator

Maegan Shea (Maegan Poland), Assistant Professor

Nichole Stanford, Visiting Assistant Professor and Writing Center Coordinator

David Squires, Associate Professor and Co-director of Graduate Studies

Dayana Stetco, Professor of English 

Jennifer Vaught, Professor of English

Lydia Whitt, Instructor

Yung-Hsing Wu, Professor of English

Affiliate Faculty

Gaetan Brulotte, Eminent Scholar in the Humanities

For additional instructors, please visit the​ Part-Time Instructors and Teaching Assistants page.